Search Engine Strategies that Generate Qualified Traffic

So you have a website, now what? It needs to receive qualified traffic in order to produce the results you are investing for. Site Genesis builds websites with search engines in mind from the beginning of the creation process, not toward the end where it's too late. Most of the optimization that a site needs must be done during the creation of the content. Search terms chosen that are targeted to individual pages, the primary search term to be targeted. These are considerations that just don't make sense after the web site is produced.

There are two kinds of optimization, on page optimization and off page optimization. We use a combination of both to obtain high rankings for our clients along with carefully chosen search terms to bring qualified traffic to our client's sites.

How did you find this site? Think about it. Chances are you found it from one of our sites that we built that you found from a search engine. A lot of folks out there will talk the talk about optimization and search engine rankings, but can they actually do it?

These days optimizing is more than just adding keywords to meta tags. There is link popularity, keyword placement, keyword density, etc.

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